Tactical Knife

Knife Specs.

Blade length: 7 inches

Blade material: 1095 carbon steel

Sheath Material: Nylon

Handle Material: Black Kraton

What I like about the knife

1. At 7 inches long, the epoxy powder coated blade is the perfect length for utility or tactical use. Ka-Bar uses a clip point design, which even makes the USMC knife useful for hunting and skinning.

2. The guard and pommel are made from carbon steel. This means that your fingers have excellent protection from slipping unto the blade. The steel pommel is rugged enough to make a nice hammer or mallet in the field.

3. Ka-Bar decided to use black kraton in the handle of their USMC knife, which has proven itself over the years to give you an awesome grip even in the most horrific conditions.

4. A tough nylon sheath is the perfect companion for such a brutal knife. That's exactly what you get with the USMC. The good thing about this type of sheath is that it won't be affected by rain, snow or other moisture. Dirt and mud should clean up easily from this type of sheath also.

5. Each Ka-Bar USMC has extreme sharpness and toughness because of the 1095 carbon steel. The only downfall to this type of steel is that it can rust if not cared for properly. To protect you from this, Ka-Bar covers the blade with a powder coat that serves as both an anti-rust agent and an anti-reflectant.

What I didn t like:

I like just about everything, but I only wish that Ka-Bar offered the USMC with a fully serrated blade.


With a suggested retail value of $92, the Ka-Bar USMC knife is about as tough as it gets. You will be happy to have such a rugged knife when it matters the most.

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